The JC Café Menu Offers Gourmet U.S., Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Chamorro and Filipino Cuisine


menuThe breakfast menu includes bacon, corned beef, Portuguese sausage, spam and Chamorro sausage, and an omelet which comes with a serving of steamed or fried rice, garlic rice or toast with egg.

Also available is a wide selection of all-time island favorite appetizers such as beef, fish, or chicken kelaguen, crispy hot chicken wings, crispy pata (deep-fried pork leg) and more; salads, soups and noodles, burgers and sandwiches.

Feast on lunch or dinner at JC Café with the house specialties on top of the list — sizzling beef, chicken, mixed seafood, pork, shrimp or squid served, and mouth-watering hamburger, sirloin, t-bone or tenderloin steak served with your choice of steamed rice, mashed potato or fries. Also offered is a nice selection of fresh salad or fresh grill wraps in tortillas.

Check out the variety of lunch or dinner choices such as beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, mussels, fish, and Champino or a combination of Filipino and Chamorro favorites. You can also try the oriental dishes, and delicious bento platters.

Not that hungry? JC Café serves pearl shakes in various flavors, your favorite cup of iced or hot coffee, chocolate milk, or tea with one free refill. Also, try our fresh squeezed orange juice.  We make an effort to provide you with the food preparations you desire so do not hesitate to ask for special dietary requirements.

At night, you can dance the night away or pass the time over bottles of beer, soda and all kinds of juices. Come  join the party and ENJOY!

Below you will see a selection of some of our popular menu items. Click SL & FS to view a full screen slideshow.



[img src=]2810Asparagus Tofu Delight
[img src=]2830Baked Mussels
[img src=]2700Beef Tinala with sun dried beef local food
[img src=]2200Breaded Fried Calamari
[img src=]2010Fried Noodles with Chopsuey
[img src=]2530JC Burger with Fries
[img src=]2110Fresh JC Orange Juice
[img src=]2360Kimchi Fried Rice
[img src=]2220Mixed Seafood Sizzling
[img src=]2160Shrimp Sinigang
[img src=]2140crispy pata appetizers
[img src=]2160fresh peskadot salad
[img src=]2210tapsilog
[img src=]2010t-bone steak
[img src=]1990Best Pancakes
[img src=]2300Chicken Fried Rice
[img src=]2590Crispy Buttered Chicken
[img src=]2350Sirloin Steak